Hello Iceland!

Iceland. The one place where it can be rainy, windy, and chilly, and be perfect weather. I flew into Iceland this afternoon and the airport is a 45 min bus ride away from Reykjavik. On the bus ride you get to see the expanse of the Icelandic countryside. Rolling hills, mountains in the distance, patches of grass, and black pumice covering the land. The low clouds and the sound of the wind give a very natural indescribable feeling that makes you know you are in the northern most capital in the world. After making my way to the hotel and getting settled in it was time to explore the city. So I went out, turned right, and walked till I hit the ocean.


To get to this place though, you have to go down what seems like an industrial park, but then you get to a path that takes you along the water for a bit, and then come up to this.


It is just an art instillation, but if you can fight the 40 km/h wind and the 2ft wide rocky path to get to the top, you are treated to a fantastic view of the harbour.


During the afternoons we spent free in Stratford and Oxford, we were told that the cities reward exploration and wandering. It is especially true here. You wouldn’t really think to go down the road to where this mound is, but if you did you got to see something truly unexpected (at least for me). And that was what the rest of my time wandering around tonight has been. I haven’t bothered with a map or guidebook, just looking to see what places look interesting. And it will be the same tomorrow. I was debating on whether or not to book a tour and go outside the city, but there is so much shopping and sightseeing to be done in town that it is the best thing to do in the short amount of time here. I’ll save the tours and excursions for the next time I’m here.

That’s all for today, and actually more than I thought I would see. But tomorrow is when everything happens, and it’s anyone’s guess as to what it will be. I don’t even know.

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